What will I get from taking part in a clinical trial?

“I went to different consultants and both agreed. Instead of stem cell I should try the clinical trial.”

Some people will not qualify to take part in a research study, and that has no reflection on the person itself. If you do qualify, there are many benefits for you, your community, and everyone’s health.

Choosing to take part in a study comes with many possible benefits:

  • You may have access to a new treatment not available outside of the trial.
  • You may be among the first patients to benefit from a new treatment.
  • You will receive close monitoring and care from the research team.
  • You may feel more control over your condition as you take an active role in treating your illness.
  • The trial may help doctors learn how to better treat your illness which can help many patients.
  • All of your personal information will be kept completely confidential.


  • Participating in a clinical trial is not for everyone. Be sure to discuss all treatment options with your doctor before deciding what is best for you.