If I decide to participate in a study, what happens next?

Click on this video to hear a real story about the clinical trial process.

Once a person decides to take part in a clinical trial, they may wonder what comes next. You can expect a few things:

  • You will need to give your signature or verbal permission to show that you agree to participate. You will also need to give this permission to show that you know your rights and role in the study. These are what make up a consent form.
  • A member of the research team will talk to you about the details of the study. He or she will tell you exactly what will happen next.
  • Some studies involve saving samples from participants. These samples might include blood, saliva, or other body cells. The process of saving these samples for future research is called biobanking
  • Researchers may reach out to you for future studies


  • You can always ask questions if you do not know what to expect!